How many of you had a grandparent who was totally out of touch with how young you were?  Let me explain.  I had a grandparent, my paternal grandfather, and he didn’t visit too often, but when he did, he always came bearing gifts.  However, they weren’t things like Tonka trucks for my brother or Barbie dolls for me.  We’re talking BB guns (for a three year old) and beautiful gold jewelry (when I was 5). 

When I was born, the same grandfather bought me a gold necklace with a gold heart pendant and a tiny diamond within that heart.  My parents kept that for me, obviously.  However, once I started leaving (going away to college, moving to different cities), every time I came home I would go upstairs to my parent’s bathroom, poke through the drawers that had jewelry boxes, and make sure my precious pieces were still there. 

This trend never really ended either.  I’d always be given some form of jewelry, would be allowed to wear it once or twice while he was visiting, and then it would be whisked away from my immature “you’ll just lose it” hands.  Besides, there’s not a lot of playing you can do with a necklace (or bracelet, etc.), so having it out of my hands wasn’t much of a loss to me.

My grandfather died, goodness, probably 20 years ago.  I’m grateful now for the ‘inappropriate’ gifts he gave me, because it connects me to the all too few memories I have of him, and I’m FINALLY mature enough to be able to wear them.  Sometimes. When my parents let me…