I remember when I first got my ears pierced.  I was 8 years old.  My friends were doing it.  You needed to have a note from your parents (or have them present).  It was done in a corner of this kind of old lady kind of store, and back then, they were the only ones doing any piercing.  It was exciting, having that piercing gun placed and shot, and the ensuing slight pain that came with it.  You had to keep your ears very clean, and that first pair had to stay in for a month. 

This was a pretty big event for an eight year old.  It was one of my first ‘grownup’ decisions.   I even showed that I wasn’t afraid of a little pain.  It’s a small, yet fond, memory.

Here in Hawaii and in other countries, I’ve noticed that a lot of girls have their ears pierced when they’re either babies or toddlers, but very young to be sure.  However, nowhere have I witnessed this trend as strongly as here.  You are born a girl-your ears are getting pierced.  I just hope it isn’t the first thing that’s done to them when they leave the womb (‘gosh, this world sucks-it’s cold and uncozy and really painful too!’).

I’m interested in hearing what your first piercing experience(s) were like.  Guys, what about you?  Ah come on, every guy get’s at least one ear pierced at some point.  Was a piercing gun used on you or a needle?  How many of you have pierced your ears yourself ?  Again, think back to those most un-halcyon days of junior and senior high school, taking one of the stud earrings you already have and becomming ‘double pierced.’  Those were usually the ones that got infected. 

And what about later piercings and where?  Eyebrow, tongue, belly button, lip, etc.  Have any experience there?  I noticed as a  young adult (when things like body piercings are all the rage) that it seems to break into two camps-either piercing or tattooing.  That’s just been my observation (I went the tattoo route in case you were wondering).

I look forward to hearing what your experience was/is in terms of piercing.  For girls who get their ears pierced at a very young age, what’s the tradition behind it?  Do you approve of piercings ‘elsewhere?’  Any and all comments are welcome and encouraged.