It’s been a while since I’ve visited or written here.  How amazing it is that the trivialities of life can take over your time, your attention, and steers you from things to which you had committed.  At long last, I’m here, I’m back, and I’m going to make sure that stopping by here will become a consistent part of my cybertraveling ‘routine.’

I’ve gotten engaged!  And just to make everyone jealous, it WAS the stereotypical ‘perfect’ way:  it was our 2 year anniversary, we were drinking mimosas on the beach at sunset; isn’t that setting the ultimate fantasy?  Well, there’s a bit of a twist.  We drank our mimosas, he asked about my future, (I kind of was already expecting this to happen already but went along with it), and I regaled him with a bunch of trivial things, like having to go to get groceries the next day, how I have to be at work on Monday, etc.  Dale, my beloved then gets up and pulls out a box from a jacket pocket, and on bended knee asks the four words I’ve been waiting to hear for the last 6 months or so…”Will you marry me?”  Actually, I think it was “Will you spend the rest of your life with me,” but that is irrelevant.

You have to remember here that just a minute prior, we were SITTING on the beach drinking our mimosas.  So when Dale went to get on one knee, he was actually hovering ABOVE me.  There was something that was so silly about that that I started laughing instead of crying, which was what he was hoping for.  Of course, I said yes, we came back to my parent’s house (Dale had done things the ‘old school’ way by asking my dad for my hand first), and there was much joy and celebration.

Two days later, it finally dawned on me the hugeness of that moment; I was all of the sudden emotionally overwhelmed.  At a stoplight after getting groceries two days later, he got the tears he had been hoping for.

So please, accept my apology for my absence, and please join me and talk about items YOU’RE interested in discussing when it comes to jewelry.  See you soon!  Sarah