Hello! Welcome to jewelryconversations.com! Kind of an odd title, I realize, but hopefully it will turn out to be appropriate if others join in with their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. I want this site to be one where we talk about trends, history, our favorite kinds of jewelry, jewelry sites, you name it.

Part of this thought came about after seeing the movie “Blood Diamond.” It’s a great movie, but if you can’t handle violence, then definitely do not see it. What the movie does is open up a world of forced labor and human exploitation and civil wars that have been going on for decades all because of those bright shiny things we like to call diamonds, hence the movie title.

But it’s not just about diamonds. It’s about all of those bright shiny things that we love to have, that we love to wear, and that make our lives just a little more beautiful in the process.

Right now, this site itself is kind of a work in progress, so I apologize for the look of it, but right now we’re focusing more on getting out there and focusing on the discussion of jewelry. I’m sure the site will be looking nicer as the days go by.

So thank you for stopping by, and come back often with your comments, ideas, questions, whatever. We can talk about jewelry itself, we can recommend websites (especially cool lesser-known ones), we can dispel myths, the options are endless, but it takes more than one person to make that happen, so be sure to come back often and share your ideas.

Hope to see you again soon! Sarah